Welcome to my Blog, Colazione A Venezia - Breakfast, Brunch and Tea in Venice. Coffee too, of course. There is now so much to tell, and it all began about 20 years ago ... when breakfast was certainly something that Venice was well-know about ...
Family Breakfast: 
Venetian families have always loved warm breakfast treats. On weekends, you will see that we take our time to prepare that crostata or almond cake or torta whatsover...
On weekdays, before work, Venetians usually take their first or second breakfast in the bar all'angolo, next to their home or workplace. A cappuccino is the standard drink, though it might as well be hot chocolate, espresso, a glass of milk or even orange juice, depending on the season. Whenever there is time, a warm, jam-filled and jam-covered buttery cornetto (croissant) is the staple breakfast.
It was different for tourists, though, and still is. Venetian coffee shops are not perfect, as a Blog by a fellow Venetian will show to you, click here for the link to his site.
Breakfast Views:
In this Blog, I focus on diversity and would like to show you the huge offer where you can get a good quality breakfast. Next, I also want to explore how the Venetian heritage of spicy Levant cooking is reflected in breakfast offered in Venice to this day ... and yes, there are those traces ...

  • Family Recipes
  • Ancient Recipes
  • Traditional Recipes:
  • Breakfast spots - bars, coffee stores, bakeries ..
  • The Venetian-style ombra breakfast
  • Merendina veneziana - the quick caffé e pastina Venetians love to naschen during the day
  • Book excerpts - my upcoming Book on the topic (read more on this subject in 2015)

To taste our family recipes, I would like to invite you into our home, and taste them with us ... see below our breakfast zone, with the sunlight filtering in between the drawn curtains from the Campo outside ... or in the kitchen ... or the plant-overgrown terrace that is used as kitchen garden and place for recreation alike.
Welcome to our home !!
With regar to Ancient Recipes, you will find articles about the Levant-based recipes, Jewish and Greek and even Persian and Middle Eastern recipes, the history of coffee and tea in Venice, and where to taste all these delights. 
Venetian Breakfast Glossary: Click here to districarsi tra l'offerta incredibily creative offered by Venetian pastry

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